The natural condition and habits have a strong effect on the aging of your face. Acnes, injuries, sun rays, and increasing age are considered to be natural effects, while alcohol consumption and smoking are considered to be habits. Since smoking has a narrowing effect on the veins, irritation and noticeable dryness are observed on your face, and these affect the increase in the signs of aging. Non-surgical face lift is a procedure performed to eliminate to sagging skin and wrinkles on the face, without any surgical intervention. Non-surgical face lift poses no risk because it does not involve any surgical intervention, subcutaneous injection of any substance, and any chemical procedure. The most important feature of this procedure is that it can be performed in such a short time of 10 to 20 minutes (even during a lunch break), and the result can be achieved immediately. Surgical scars, swelling, bruising, and workforce loss experienced after surgical operations are definitely not experienced after the procedure.

Is non-surgical facelift a procedure that can be performed on anyone?

Non-surgical face lift is not a procedure that can be performed on anyone. First of all, the current stage of aging process of the person is considered. This procedure will not be successful in a person who bears all the signs of aging on his/her face. Facelift surgery is a more appropriate option for such patients. Non-surgical facelift can only be performed on patients, whose skin sags due to gravity but can be easily corrected by lifting the sagging tissues with threads to be placed subcutaneously. In other words, it usually involves patients between the ages of 35 and 45. There is no sexism in the non-surgical face lift procedure.

To which areas can non-surgical face lift be performed, and which complaints can be solved?

Non-surgical face lift is most commonly performed on the face and neck regions. Problems such as slackness and sag in the jaw region, loss of the jaw line, rotation of the mouth corners, sagging cheeks, sagging skin in the neck and eye contour regions, droopy eyebrows etc. that you complain about can be eliminated with non-surgical face lift.

What are the points to take into consideration before non-surgical face lift?

It would be adequate to check the general medical condition of the patient before starting the procedure.

How long does the non-surgical face lift procedure take? What will I experience after it?

Non-surgical face lift is a procedure that takes 10 to 20 minutes. It does not involve time-consuming processes; and for this reason, it can even be performed during a lunch break. You can take a shower and go to work the day of the procedure. You can get the results and continue your daily life immediately after the procedure.

How long does the effect of non-surgical face lift last?

Once non-surgical face lift is performed, it will show its effect. Regeneration process will get started after non-surgical face lift. Minor stretching problems are experienced in this process. Once the procedure is performed, stretching and tightening will continue to be experienced every day. Better results will be achieved after 1 to 2 days, and the effect of stretching will be better felt. The results of non-surgical face lift lasts 2 to 4 years.

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